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BWC-Better World Chorus Call To Song Mission-About BWC


   BWC (Better World Chorus) MISSION

Better World Chorus (BWC) is a non-profit formed to inspire volunteerism, fundraising and harmony through song by means of a variety of efforts. In these times of extreme national polarity and acrimonious discord, BWC’s primary 2010-2011 focus is the annual Great NYC Metro Call To Song™, conceived to build harmony and community, bringing together citizens of all manner of stripes - social, political, ethnic, age and gender - and, in conjunction, to raise funds to combat hunger.

In 2010-2011 and beyond, in addition to expanding the Call To Song™ to other cities, BWC will seek to get the entire nation singing together to musically energize folks in a grassroots movement to volunteer and give service. As part of this effort, BWC wants to provide an easy way for prospective volunteers to find their ideal volunteer opportunities; and to provide the public with a simple, one-stop means to contribute to a variety of pre-screened charitable organizations. Some target areas include, but are not limited to: Anti-Poverty, Education, Environment, Aid to Seniors, Neighborhood Beautification, Social Justice, Health, Hunger, Disease Eradication, Mentoring, Global Peace, Opportunities Development


Because there is no single organization or website the public knows to contact when initially exploring volunteer possibilities, BWC was conceived to become that agency, getting the BWC name on the lips of all Americans through collaboration with the world of music and the BWC website. (NOTE: BWC (Better World Chorus) is not a singing chorus.  Rather, “Chorus” is a metaphor for the individual voices and organizations who partner with BWC to help make a better world.)


As such, BWC seeks to:

1. Recruit the nation’s singers from a broad spectrum of political and social perspectives to partner with BWC, who, during their concerts, will sing songs directed at their charitable efforts, then urge their audiences to volunteer, referring the audience to the BWC website for help in finding their ideal volunteer opportunities.

2. Collaborate with various non-profits to produce concerts in NYC, the home of BWC, that showcase artists who will urge the audience to volunteer for worthy local non-profits that have an ongoing need for substantial number of volunteers and an effective program to train these volunteers. (On Feb 26, 2005, BWC produced a remarkable musical “Evening of Jazz, Blues & Spirituals,” spotlighting City Harvest. 20 persons out of an audience of 250 signed up as prospective City Harvest volunteers and the audience brought 200 lbs of food to the venue for pick up by City Harvest.)

3. Collaborate with various non-profits so that the BWC site can serve as a clearinghouse or portal that refers a prospective volunteer to specific opportunities identified on other volunteer websites that match the prospective volunteer's background, skills and preferences.

4. Provide a one-stop donations capability to a variety of charities.